The Leftovers – RECENSIONE 03×05 “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World”

In apertura:

“Io sono la sola speranza, l’ultima difesa di una specie sull’orlo dell’estinzione. Gli stregoni ci avevano avvertiti. Quei saggi chiaroveggenti avevano visto la verità: dissero che queste creature sarebbero arrivate sette anni dopo che i primi furono presi, sette anni dopo la Dipartita… e noi fummo ciechi, o Dio, ciechi a ciò che non volevamo vedere. Siamo ormai sull’orlo dell’abisso, prossimi alla distruzione. Quando il mostro sarà nato, sarà la fine per noi, perché la sua nascita porrà fine all’umanità, con le sue sette teste e le sue sette bocche fiammeggianti. Ci rimane una sola speranza: l’uovo. Nelle mappe degli stregoni l’ho trovato – il suo nido è nascosto in un vulcano sottomarino. Ringraziamo Dio per la tecnologia. Abbiamo costruito l’arma che porrà fine a tutte le armi: la bomba atomica. Ora, la sua forza terribile può essere la nostra salvezza, se la sua esplosione infrangerà il fragile guscio e fonderà i demoni al suo interno. O Dio, possa il missile volare dritto al bersaglio, fa che trovi il nido nel vulcano con l’uovo ancora intatto, e distrugga le bestie non nate prima che esse sorgano a distruggere il mondo.”

La sigla di apertura di questo episodio è molto diversa dalle altre. Questa volta alla scena iniziale non ci accompagna una canzone ma una preghiera. Un uomo la recita in francese e racconta di creature malvage destinate a invadere la terra a sette anni dalla Dipartita, ponendo fine al mondo. L’uomo dichiara di essere l’unica speranza per il genere umano e di voler sfruttare la tecnologia donatagli da Dio (la bomba atomica) per distruggere un uovo, nascosto in un vulcano sottomarino, che racchiude bestie maligne che una volta nate causerebbero la fine de mondo (è interessante notare che anche nella Bibbia si parla di un mostro a sette teste nato dal mare). Continue reading “The Leftovers – RECENSIONE 03×05 “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World””

The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×05 “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World”

Opening Credits:

“I am the only hope, the last defense of a species on the verge of extinction. The warlocks warned us. These wise truth seers, they said that these creatures will come, seven years after the first were taken, seven years after the Departure… and we were blind, God, blind to what we did not want to see. We are now on the edge of the ravine, on the edge of destruction. Once this monster is born, we’re done, because this monster is the end of mankind, with its seven heads and seven flaming mouths. We have only one hope: the egg. I found its nest in the warlocks’ maps – a submarine volcano. Thank you, God, for technology! We made the weapon to end all weapons: the nuclear bomb. Now, this terrible force may be our salvation, if its explosion can break the fragile shell and melt the demons inside. God, may the missile fly straight and true! Let it find the volcano nest and may the egg be unhatched so these unborn beasts can be destroyed before they rise to destroy the world”

The opening credits for this episode are so different than usual. This time it’s not a song to welcome us to the first scene, but a prayer. The man who recites it speaks French and talks about some evil creatures that will come to Earth after seven years from the Sudden Departure and bring the world to an end. The man claims he’s the only hope for human kind and that he has to take advantage of the technology given by God (the nuclear bomb) to hit an egg, hidden in a underwater volcano, that contains unborn and evil beasts that could rise and destroy the world (interestingly, in the Bible a seven-headed beast born from the sea is also mentioned.) Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×05 “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World””

The Leftovers – My article on | The Hotel

Guys! I’m happy to announce that HBO published my article on! ♥ Click HERE to read it!

Balloons for Mary
During his stay, Kevin meets a man carrying balloons that read, “It’s a Boy!” He says they are for Mary Jamison, who is also, allegedly, a guest. Later, the man knocks on Mary’s hotel room door ready to hand off said balloons. This suggests that Mary, who has been in a coma since a car accident that occurred during the Departure, may be exploring this parallel dimension as well. Jump to Season 3’s “The Book of Kevin” where we meet Mary’s three-year-old son, Noah.

Kevin Garvey, Sr.
Though he may not physically be in the hotel, he could be the key to understanding this purgatory. We saw Kevin Garvey, Sr. communicate with Kevin through the television set — where they appear to be in the exact same room and, somehow connected. Still skeptical? The fire onscreen in Kevin Garvey, Sr.’s hotel room inexplicably triggers the fire alarm in Kevin’s room. In the trailer for Season 3, there’s another hotel room and fire alarm reference. This time it’s Nora, sitting on the bed, smoking, triggering a fire alarm and the sprinkler system around her.

David Burton
In Season 2’s “Off Ramp,” a background TV mentions that a man named David Burton was in a hotel then mysteriously awoke in a cave in Perth, Australia — and now claims he cannot die. Burton was noted in the Season 2 premiere, “Axis Mundi,”  when his name and address were written on an envelope from Pillar Man.

“I am not a doctor.”
After the hotel is evacuated, a Latina woman in the crowd declares she is “not a doctor,” despite being dressed as such. If you pay close attention, you might notice she’s with a woman dressed as a hotel concierge — a guide, if you will — like Virgil is to Kevin. Similar to how Kevin chose the assassin’s suit from his wardrobe, one might assume she “adorned accordingly.”

People in the Guilty Remnant do throw stones
If the hotel is another dimension, we can analyze why the Guilty Remnant (and Patti Levin, specifically) stoned Gladys to death in Season 1’s “Gladys.” It can be argued the cult did this, not only to force people to remember, but because they know mankind has the potential to live on elsewhere. A place where people share the beliefs of the GR — where the cult can organize and achieve the highest positions of power. (Ahem, Patti Levin for President).
Have thoughts or theories of your own about the notorious hotel? Share them in the comments below. 

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The Leftovers – RECENSIONE 03×04 “G’Day Melbourne”

Ciao a tutti! È finalmente arrivato il quarto episodio della terza serie di The Leftovers. Ecco cos’è successo:

– Nora e Kevin: Nora si comporta molto male con Kevin. Per l’ennesima volta lo tiene all’oscuro dei suoi piani, acconsentendo a farsi accompagnare in Australia ma senza spiegargli il motivo del viaggio e trattandolo come se la sua presenza fosse un fastidio. Kevin sembra essere molto ferito dal fatto che Nora non abbia neanche preso in considerazione l’idea di chiedergli di aiutarla a far passare i soldi alla dogana, preferendo invece legarseli addosso e trasportarli illegalmente.  Quando Kevin chiede spiegazioni, lei cerca di distrarlo seducendolo.

Inoltre, Nora sceglie il modo più rapido per passare i controlli all’aeroporto senza neanche chiedere a Kevin se sia d’accordo, e quindi lo lascia solo per un po’. Quello che gli dice è da brividi: Continue reading “The Leftovers – RECENSIONE 03×04 “G’Day Melbourne””

The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×04 “G’Day Melbourne”

Hi everyone! Episode four of The Leftovers is finally out. Let’s see what happened:

– Nora and Kevin: Nora was really rude to Kevin. She kept him in the dark for the umpteenth time, she told him nothing about her plan and she treated him like he was useless. She tried to distract him with sex and didn’t even considered the idea of telling him what she was trying to do.  This obviously hurt him a lot.

She also took the quick way to go through customs without even asking him if it was ok, leaving him alone at the airport for a while. This sentence gave me chills.

When they got to the hotel, she made fun of him and of “His Book”. Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×04 “G’Day Melbourne””

The Leftovers – 03×01 Ending scene analysis

Hi guys! Rewatching the first episode of Season 3, I tried to find out more about the church in the final scene. Here’s what I found: the church is named after Saint Mary MacKillop. She is the first Australian Saint, also known as Mother Mary of the Cross. She was born in January 1842 (the opening scene with the Millerite movement took place in 1844). She obtained the title of Saint for curing a woman with leukemia.

“Mary MacKillop was an ordinary person who lived an extraordinary life, an unconventional life that saw her triumph over adversities and obstacles placed in her way. She truly was a woman who lived her life out of the ordinary.”

Her formal canonization took place in Rome, on October 17, 2010 (a year before the Sudden Departure). Here’s a picture of one of her churches I found on marymackillop.orgIt’s very similar to the church we see in episode one ending scene.

“Saint Mary MacKillop”

This is the final proof that the ending scene takes place in Australia. We don’t know exactly where, but according to this map the church should be somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney, maybe in a rural area far from the city.

Also, these are the messages that were brought by the doves:

We can clearly see that all these messages are about Love. We can read “be happy…”, “shut up and kiss me”, “spread the”, and a lot of “love”. The nun also says “Don’t usually get so many so close together… love is in the air”.

What if this are actually song titles? “Shut up and kiss me” “Love is in the air”… Also, in the following picture it really looks like the nun is watching doves fly and listening to music…

From Wikipedia: According to the biblical story (Genesis 8:11), a dove was released by Noah after the flood in order to find land; it came back carrying a freshly plucked olive leaf (Hebrew: עלה זית alay zayit),[Gen 8:11] a sign of life after the Flood and of God’s bringing Noah, his family and the animals to land. Rabbinic literature interpreted the olive leaf as “the young shoots of the Land of Israel”[2] or the dove’s preference for bitter food in God’s service, rather than sweet food in the service of men.[3][4][5]