The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×06 “Certified”

Hi guys! Episode Six of The Leftovers is finally out. In my opinion, this was the most beautiful and sad episode of the season so far. Let’s see what happened.

The episode takes place in two different moments of Laurie’s journey. In the first part of her Australian trip Laurie is helping Nora by following Doctor Eden and Doctor Bekker to find out if what they do is real and Matt is there too. Nora looks different than usual: she looks tired and pissed, waiting impatiently to prove that Doctor Eden and Bekker are fraud. She is also angry with Matt, because he didn’t tell her he was sick and told her he’s not going to look for a cure. They end up talking about suicide, and when Laurie says that the device they’re using to send people wherever the 2% went looks like “an incredibly elegant way to kill yourself”, Nora strongly disagrees. She doesn’t see that as a suicide machine and for the first time she seems to consider the idea of going through it. She also adds that Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×06 “Certified””