The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×04 “G’Day Melbourne”

Hi everyone! Episode four of The Leftovers is finally out. Let’s see what happened:

– Nora and Kevin: Nora was really rude to Kevin. She kept him in the dark for the umpteenth time, she told him nothing about her plan and she treated him like he was useless. She tried to distract him with sex and didn’t even considered the idea of telling him what she was trying to do.  This obviously hurt him a lot.

She also took the quick way to go through customs without even asking him if it was ok, leaving him alone at the airport for a while. This sentence gave me chills.

When they got to the hotel, she made fun of him and of “His Book”. Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×04 “G’Day Melbourne””