Game Of Thrones – Interview to Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont)


Hi everyone! The site Making Game Of Thrones just posted a beautiful interview to Bella Ramsey, the little actress who played Lyanna Mormont in Game Of Thrones seasons six! She’s only twelve! 🙂

HBO: What did you first think of Lyanna when you read the script? 

Bella Ramsey: I thought, “This is a character to really get my teeth into.” Lyanna is strong about what she believes, and wants to keep her family and island protected; she wants to be treated like an adult. She’s strong, and firm when she needs to be, and wants the best for her house and the North.

HBO: Fans love Lyanna! What do you think about their reaction?

Bella Ramsey: It’s crazy really. I didn’t expect anything like it. I am very, very happy that people like Lyanna Mormont. We had to keep it quiet that I had a part in GoT so now it’s out, my family have had lots of people they know contacting them, really excited they have seen me.

HBO: Had you seen the show before filming your scenes?

Bella Ramsey: When I knew I got the part, I was allowed to watch a few suitable snippets. I was interested to see the bit in Season 5 when Stannis [Baratheon] received Lyanna’s letter.


HBO: How do you approach your scenes?

Bella Ramsey: I read through the whole scene first, not necessarily focusing on my lines, but on the scene as a whole. I think it’s important to have an understanding for it before I start approaching actually learning my lines.

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