The Leftovers – Lily is the key of everything

Hi everyone! Every time I start a “The Leftovers” rewatch I think there won’t be anything new for me to find out and to freak out about, and every time I’m wrong. Every time I start watching it again I find new secrets, details that make the story even more mysterious and beautiful.

This time I have tried to focus my attention on Wayne and Lily‘s characters. In every episode of Season Two we tend to focus on Kevin and his whole “Patti-Hotel” situation, and that’s right, that’s the main storyline. What I found surprising in my seventh rewatch (I know…) is the super important role of these two characters, that seem to be secondary and less important for the whole duration of both seasons. They almost seem to be waiting to become a huge and important part of the future storyline. If we try to focus on Lily more closely, we can clearly see that her role is anything but secondary in Season Two, but in fact she could be the key to all those mysteries we can’t explain yet. To fully understand this character’s nature we have to go back to Wayne.


Wayne’s character is introduced in Season One. We don’t know much about him: we know his name, Wayne Henry Gilchrest, and his power of healing people through hugs. What makes his story even more mysterious is his predilection for Asian girls. Indeed, right in the middle of Season One, we find out that Christine isn’t the only Asian girl to be pregnant with Wayne’s child: when Tom is told to leave money in a mailbox, he finds out that it’s intended for another boy just like him, whose job is to protect another pregnant Asian girl. Continue reading “The Leftovers – Lily is the key of everything”

The Leftovers THEORIES – Why is Australia so important?

The Leftovers changes location for the third time. Season one was set in Mapleton, New York, and season two in Jarden, Texas. The third and last season will take place where we left things, in Miracle, but our beloved characters will move again to Australia.

Why l’Australia?“. Even if I think there is a lot more to find out about Miracle’s mysteries, Australia seems to play a big role in the show.

  1. In episode one, Axis Mundi, Michael Murphy  brings lunch to the man on the pillar, who asks him to help him sending a letter to Sydney, Australia, for a guy named David Burton. (In episode three Laurie is watching television and we hear a journalist voice talking about someone called David Burton, who claims he woke up in a cave in Australia after his permanence in a hotel. He also claims he can’t die.)
    Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.31.15
  2. In episode two Kevin receives an unexpected visit. His father has finally got out of the mental institution and he tells him he decided to move to Perth, Australia. And what’s the reason of this decision? He wants to go away because everytime he watched Mapleton he can only see what’s no longer there..  But let’s get to point three.

    Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.36.11.png
    “They told you to go to Australia?”
  3. In episode eight, International Assassin, Kevin Garvey is somehow able to talk to his father trough the hotel television, and we can clearly see that he and his father are in the exactly same room. What if the two rooms are connected with eachother? Geographically speaking, where is the hotel? We know for sure that at the end of the episode Kevin drives till Miracle, Texas.  Is this a completely different reality where distance is compressed or Perth and Jarden (or wherever the hotel is) are really connected? Episode one is called Axis Mundi. In certain beliefs, an axis mundi is a connection between heaven and earth, a geographic place that represents the connection between sky and earth.. That would explain a lot of things…
    Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.38.55
    “Where are you?” “I’m in Perth”

    Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.39.27
    “Oh Jesus, we’re in the same room”

The web has a lot of theories about Australia.. Someone says that the cave we saw in episode one, where the cave woman dies leaving her son alone, is the Axis Mundi, the exact geographical spot where the connection between earth and the other world begins…