The Leftovers – Season three premiers in 2017


Hi everyone! The official news is finally out: the final season of the show will air in 2017 and, unlike the two other seasons, it will be composed by just eight episodes. Damon and the cast are currenlty filming the last episodes of the series. In an essay for The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Lindelof recently addressed the show’s impending finale. “More than anything else, I want to approach the ending of The Leftovers with confidence. Even if we fall flat on our faces and everybody hates it, it’s better than hedging or trying to be all things to all people or saying we’re going to be one thing and then at the last minute basically cut bait and be another thing,” he wrote. “People want consistency in the storytelling.”

And i can’t agree more with him! I’m 100% sure he’ll make another little masterpiece, just like he did with LOST.  And, between us… was it really such a negative thing that not everyone liked it? 🙂