Community – Episode 23 LOST-themed


Hi everyone! Since I started and finished Stranger Things, I decided to start watching a new tv show, a completly different one: Community. It’s a really funny  and amusing show with a lot of really nice characters and with a kind of humor I really enjoy.

Last night, after the first 22 episodes i started watching episode 23, “Modern Warfare“. In case you don’t know, my favorite tv show is LOST. It will always be LOST. I’ve watched and rewatched it a huge amount of times and I know every single line or scene by heart. So last night i was really surprised when i found a Community episode full of LOST references! Also, who wrote this episode seems to love it and know it as much as i do: the references i found were put there by a real big fan of the show ‘cause they’re not predictable at all (and they’re quite funny, in my opinion).

STOP READING if you haven’t finished watching LOST.

Here’s what i found:

  1. The episode is the 23th one. L’episodio è il numero 23. As we all Losties know, this is one of the “cursed” numbers that brought our beloved Hurley on the island and also Jack’s number (and a lot of other things…)
  2. At the beginning of the episode Jeff wakes up in his car and what he sees around him is a real mess.
  3. In this very scene our friends from Community are in the middle of a paintball fight and you can clearly hear one of our amazing Lost’s themes from the show by Michael Giacchino. 😆
  4. This made me smile a lot. In this scene Shirley gets hit during the paintball game and she collapes on the floor. Britta gets close to her and… Does this image remind you of something? 😉
  5. For no reason at all, Shirley starts reciting the 23, just like Mr Eko during Yemi’s funeral on the island.
  6. Jeff is hurt and he starts bleeding from the exact same spot as Jack after his appencitis operation.
  7. And obviously Britta helps him mend his wound. 😆
  8. Also, we hear the sentence “The Others are coming” A LOT.

That’s all.. for now. 🙂  Did you guys notice something new? Let me know in the comments!