The Leftovers – Justin Theroux dressed in WHITE on set! Are theories real?


Hi everyone! I’m literally freaking out about this new pictures of Justin Theorux dressed in white and spitting water from a car window on the set of The Leftovers in Melbourne! These few picture could actually confirm some theories about Kevin Being a Guilty Remnant. (click for the article). Also, the fact that he’s spitting water takes us back to the Hotel world, where drinking water makes you forget your true identity and traps you in the limbo forever. What if in season three Kevin actually comes back to the hotel for a third time? Is this a real place then? And if it is, what’s gonna happen now that their almost-president of the United States has been murdered?  These pictures leave us with more questions than answers. Why is there a lot of water inside a car? And why is Kevin suit so elegant? Don’t forget to read the article about my theory (What if Kevin Garvey is a Guilty Remnant?) and let me know what you think! It won’t be long now….