The OA – Plot and spoiler-free review


Hi everyone! The new original series “The OA” came out on Dicember 16 on Netflix. Created and written by Brit Marling e Zal Batmanglij, it consists of eight episodes with supernatural and fantasy elements. It tells the story of Prairie Johnson, a thirty year old blind girl who comes back to her hometown after having been missing for seven years. When she’s back, she doesn’t want to be called with her real name and she starts calling herself “The OA”. The mystery grows when we find out that Prairie got her sight back after a life of blindness and she also has some weird scars on her back.


We’re talking about a very special series that keeps you with baite breath from the first to the last episode, leaving you speechless with brilliant turn of events.

This show literally divided the web: some people loved the plot and appreciate the ending, others didn’t catch the purpose of the series and couldn’t appreciate what in my opinion is a brilliant, special and very emotional ending.  Which side are you on?  🙂