The Leftovers – The “Hotel World” is a real place

Hi everyone! Here I am again, trying to figure out the meaning of the “other place” in The Leftovers season two. This time I think I might have found a plausible explanation for that mystical reality that answers to a lot of other questions.

In a NYTimes interview, Damon Lindelof told us to pay attention to the Latina woman in the episode “International Assassin”.

“Listen to what the Latina woman is saying throughout the episode. She appears twice: once in the episode before Kevin gets in the car with Virgil and then again after the fire alarm is pulled, before Kevin approaches the man with balloons. If you speak Spanish or know someone who does, what she’s saying very specifically pertains to the question asked. I think that I’ll probably just leave it at that.”

“if you listen carefully to what she’s saying, that may give an indication of an alternate theory”

I tried for months to understand why the Spanish nurse was so important to understand the whole story, and now I get it. This is what I found in a Reddit post:

“Scene ONE: A woman who appears to be a CONCIERGE! speaks “…don’t tell me you’ve [done]…” “No me digas que has he-[cho]…”
Woman in rags responds incredulously “…But I’m not a Doctor!!” “…pero yo no soy doctora!” Kevin enters, they fall silent.
Scene TWO: “Its a human heart please let me in. Please listen to me I need to go now if you don’t let me in somebody will die”

She’s trying to get into the hotel to (presumably) perform a heart transplant on someone.
The first scene is the REAL clue. The woman dressed as hotel staff is her “Virgil”, her guide. She’s most likely asking whether she drank any of the water.
The woman on rags picked the outfit of a doctor, so she was given a doctor’s mission. Perform an organ transplant to get out of the hotel. That explains why she denies being a doctor, and why she seems so desperate to complete her mission.
If you watch the scenes thinking of this woman as someone with the same “quest” as Kevin, it makes sense. That would also explain the priest in the elevator and the cop with the bag over his head. These aren’t different versions of Kevin, they’re actual people trying to get back to the real world, much like Kevin.” (click to read the whole reddit post).

This might be the final proof of the fact that the other place (the hotel world) is a real place. It’s not just in Kevin’s mind, but it’s an actual place. And when I say “place” I don’t mean a physical place, but some sort of dimension where people who died try to figure out what’s next.
We know for sure that there are four options for people who end up there. First you choose your outfit from the wardrobe and then you can:

  1. Drink the water and forget who you are
  2. Complete a mission, like Kevin does, and try to go back to the real world (maybe this option requires a guide, like Virgil)
  3. Pass a test (like the final Karaoke scene, where Kevin had to prove he loved his family by singing a song).
  4. Stay there and just let time pass without really understanding the reason why you’re there, like Neil does.

It’s not just Kevin’s personal purgatory, but a place for everyone who dies. There’s Neil, there’s Patti, Mary Jamison, Gladys and even Wayne..

And if this is true, we can finally understand the reason why the Guilty Remnants stone each other to death. Not for being remembered or to send a message, but because they know they don’t really die. They know for sure that they all end up in the same place. A place where people actually share their beliefs, where they can organize and do more than just standing outside people’s houses and stare at them. A place where Patti Levin is running for president of the United States, because people believes in what she says.

They stone each other to death so they can all be together in the other place, and get inside people’s mind, like Patti did with Kevin, and finally be able to destroy families.