The Leftovers – Season 3 little details

  • Kevin’s full name is Kevin Eugene Garvey, and he was born on February 8, 1971 (from s3 trailer)
Grace’s kids / people outside of the house
  • This people outside Grace’s house look exactly like her dead children…  They are also wearing the same clothes they’re wearing in the pictures… Why? It can’t be them. According to the dates on the certificates of adoption they should be younger than that. This people look like they’re 25, 30 years old…
    Also, Grace looks honest to me, I don’t think she lied about her children’s death… But why is this people identical to them? People is posting a lot of theories on the web about this, saying that K.G. Sr never stopped hearing voices and he’s the only one who can see these people, because they’re dead.

Anyway, there’s more than five people outside of her house, so who knows… It could be just a weird coincidence.

  • This paper was found by K.G. Sr in Grace’s photo album
  • Some pages from “The Book Of Kevin”
  • Oceanic Airline symbol from Lost in s03e03 ♥