The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×04 “G’Day Melbourne”

Hi everyone! Episode four of The Leftovers is finally out. Let’s see what happened:

– Nora and Kevin: Nora was really rude to Kevin. She kept him in the dark for the umpteenth time, she told him nothing about her plan and she treated him like he was useless. She tried to distract him with sex and didn’t even considered the idea of telling him what she was trying to do.  This obviously hurt him a lot.

She also took the quick way to go through customs without even asking him if it was ok, leaving him alone at the airport for a while. This sentence gave me chills.

When they got to the hotel, she made fun of him and of “His Book”.


Kevin is really fragile and he’s constantly surrounded by broken people. Nora and Laurie keep treating him like he’s crazy, as if what he lived on the other side wasn’t real. On the other hand, Matt, John and Michael treat him like he’s the new Messiah and strongly believe he visited the land of the dead… We can understand why he’s losing his mind. He’s constantly swinging between the fear of being crazy and the conviction that what he went through in the other place is real, that he really met Patti and killed her. The only thing that stops him from going crazy is what he feels about killing Patti: his pain and guilt are real, so what happened there must be real as well.  That’s why his reaction to Nora’s behavior was so powerful and violent. He just can’t stand anymore her way of facing life. She’s always hostile with everyone and she behaves as if her loss were worse than anyone else’s. Also, she always takes huge decisions without asking or caring what Kevin feels about them: she chose to move to Jarden, she bought their house for 3 million dollars without asking if he was ok with that, she left him alone when he needed her and didn’t even react to him suffocating himself. And now we find out that she decided to give Lily away without even consulting him. That’s why he feels they’re not a couple anymore: she’s too busy processing her loss and has no time or strength to care about what he’s going through. She looks at him and just sees someone who’s losing his mind and nothing more.

However, Kevin’s reaction was cruel and definitely too violent. She’s still a broken woman that’s desperately looking for a reason to fight, to stay alive. Her children departed and now she lost another child in a stupid way. Maybe Patti was right when she described their relationship as “damage control”.

– Kevin and Evie. This is the part we all couldn’t wait to see: Kevin seeing dead people again. Nope, not yet. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see Kevin being completely at the mercy of events. He can’t live with the guilt for killing Patti, he wants to believe she’s still alive somewhere, giving orders to her supporters.

When he got to his room everything he had desperately tried to forget came back to him: the hotel, the tv, his father, his mission. That’s why he thought he had seen Evie in the television. The scene with Laurie is really similar to their previous conversation in Season 2 Episode 7. Once again, she tries to convince him that what he is seeing isn’t real, and this time she succeeds. The scene where Kevin is looking at the picture of a complete stranger is unsettling, both for him and for us. The world collapses around him and he suddenly becomes aware of his instability.

Now we have the confirmation that Kevin is using the plastic bag to reach the hotel world, unsuccessfully. I think that this episode is meant to mislead us, to make us think that he’s crazy and the hotel world isn’t real. But it is real, and I’m pretty sure he’ll find a way to go back there with the help of K.G. Sr.

If you think about it, everything he did in this episode led him to meet his father.

– Nora and the LADR radiation treatment: everyone is desperately trying to understand why they rejected her. I think that the real test was the one with the baby at the bust stop. Nora chose to help that lady and to take care of her baby. She had been warned by Doctor Eden that she had to take that exact bus, that she only had one chance to get there, and she chose to give the baby back to her mother anyway, at the cost of missing the bus and her only chance to see her children again. That’s why they rejected her after she claimed she would sacrify one of the twins for a greater purpose: they knew she was lying, that she couldn’t even leave a baby alone at the bus stop, a few feet away from his mother. She also fell asleep in the box and her heart was really calm, so it was pretty clear she wasn’t going to go through the machine anyway.

(Read my theory: The Hotel Is A Real Place)

I really can’t wait to see what K.G. Sr has in store for his son. Seeing them together again was beautiful and heart melting.

Interesting Facts:

This episode has a lot in common with International Assassin:

  1. The hotel room
  2. Evie in the television (in International Assassin Kevin talked to his father through the tv)
  3. Kevin’s father is on television. Again.
  4. The fire alarm on
  5. Kevin is being called with the wrong name. In International Assassin they called him “Kevin Harvey”. Here, he is “Mr Durst”.
  6. Verdi is back again, and just like last time he’s always in the background.
  7. He says he’s looking for a book called “Assassins”. That’s what I found in a Reddit post:
  8. The Take On Me music video shows a girl living in two different realities. Damon also posted a picture on Instagram (click) that seems to suggest the same.
  9. The poster behind Kevin’s back recites “The mind dreams the world”. It also shows two different versions of the same image, colored and black and white. This looks a lot like the Take On Me music video, and it suggests the existence of a different reality.

 The Koala is Damon Lindelof  😛 (click to see Justin’s and Damon’s Instagram posts about it)
– There’s a weird parallelism between Kevin and Nora having sex on a changing table and the image of a mother changing her child

–  Once again, we talk about twins. One of Max Richter songs is called “The Twins” | When Virgil dies we see the “Twin God Island” symbol behind his head (from National Geographic may 1972) | Episode 7 of Season 3 is called (This might be considered a ***SPOILER***, don’t read if you don’t want to know) “The Most Powerful Man On Earth (And his Identical Twin)
– Doctor Eden question’s explains the scene with the man on fire from the previous episode. He had been rejected too from the LADR project.

“Would you kill a baby if it would cure cancer?

– A man at the airport is worried about an incoming nuclear event. What is he talking about?

– This was really creepy

– Laurie made a Google research about someone called “Brian”. That’s the name Matt had to yell while hitting a man on the back in exchange for money. We also discovered that that was the Man on the Pillar’s son. Brian is also Dr Goodheart’s first name (the man who sold Miracle’s water)

– Fake Evie is holding a sign that says “Sura 81”. That’s a passage from Qu’ran, about the signs of the coming of the day of judgement (click to know more).

– Why is everyone talking about an explosion? And why are all flights grounded?

– Here’s some new pages from The Book Of Kevin