Game Of Thrones – Le illustrazioni dolcine di Olly Moss | Olly Moss’ cute prints

Ciao a tutti! Conoscevate già queste carinissime e dolcissime illustrazioni dei personaggi di Game Of Thrones? L’artista che le ha create si chiama Olly Moss, un graphic novelist che lavora principalmente per l’Empire, una rivista cinematografica inglese.

Olly è uno dei primi, se non il primissimo, ad avere dato una connotazione Continue reading “Game Of Thrones – Le illustrazioni dolcine di Olly Moss | Olly Moss’ cute prints”

The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×08 “The Book of Nora”

Hi guys! “There’s no time to change your mind – the Son has come – you’ve been left behind”. The final chapter of our beloved The Leftovers has come and I couldn’t be more sad about the end of these three amazing years.

 Let’s start from the end. The ending scene is indeed crucial to understand the rest of the episode. The last dialogue between Kevin and Nora reminded me a lot of Grace’s monologue in front of Kevin Garvey Senior: they’re both older than before – some people is sure that 13 years passed since they last met in the hotel in Melbourne (Season 3 Episode 4) – and they have just found each other again after all that time. Kevin pretends he had only met Nora once, at the Christmas dance (Season 1 Episode 4), and that they never were together, and of course never fallen apart.  He stops pretending after a while, when he realizes that his plan of erasing all the pain they had experienced together wasn’t working at all, and he finally confesses: he had been looking for her for years, he had spent every two weeks holiday in Australia for the last 13 years without never giving up, showing a picture of Nora to every single person he had met. And now that he has finally found her, he’s not willing to give her up again. He apologizes for shouting at her the last time they talked, and for telling her she should be departed with her kids. Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×08 “The Book of Nora””

The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×07 “The Most Powerful Man On Earth (And His Identical Twin Brother)”

Hi guys! There’s just one more episode of The Leftovers left and now we all really feel like the world is ending. 🙁 Let’s see what happened in episode 7.

We thought we had seen everything about Patti, and we couldn’t be more wrong. We’re back on the other side. Kevin is asked three personal questions to identify himself as the President of the United States and be allowed to the security area of the Department of Defense. When he is asked “Who is your Secretary of Defense?” Kevin replies “Patti Levin”. That is: he summons her back from “retirement” (that’s how she calls her death) by just saying her name. So maybe that’s the key to understand the whole thing about this “mystical” place: Kevin is the most powerful man on earth – that’s the title of the episode and that’s what David Burton whispered in his year on the bridge (Season 2 Episode 8) – and he controls what happens on the other side.

Maybe he’s not aware of his power, but it really seems that everything we see has been created by Kevin himself. As a matter of fact, as soon as he arrives on the other side he immediately finds two of the three people he’s looking for: Grace’s children are right in front of him, and Evie is there too; everybody is there to listen to his speech as the President of the United States.

We can find a lot of other proofs in Season 2 Episode 8 “International Assassin”. Just like in “The Most Powerful Man On Earth (And His Identical Twin Brother)”, as soon as Kevin gets to the hotel everything is already set for him to begin and accomplish his mission: he had already paid 50.000$ to support Patti Levin who was running for President of the United States; there was a hotel room reserved for him and the wardrobe was already set for him to choose an outfit, and accordingly his own role. This doesn’t mean that the other place is just in Kevin’s mind, and he’s crazy. On the contrary, it really means what the episode’s title suggests: he’s the most powerful man on the universe and he is able to create and change things as he pleases. Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×07 “The Most Powerful Man On Earth (And His Identical Twin Brother)””

The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×06 “Certified”

Hi guys! Episode Six of The Leftovers is finally out. In my opinion, this was the most beautiful and sad episode of the season so far. Let’s see what happened.

The episode takes place in two different moments of Laurie’s journey. In the first part of her Australian trip Laurie is helping Nora by following Doctor Eden and Doctor Bekker to find out if what they do is real and Matt is there too. Nora looks different than usual: she looks tired and pissed, waiting impatiently to prove that Doctor Eden and Bekker are fraud. She is also angry with Matt, because he didn’t tell her he was sick and told her he’s not going to look for a cure. They end up talking about suicide, and when Laurie says that the device they’re using to send people wherever the 2% went looks like “an incredibly elegant way to kill yourself”, Nora strongly disagrees. She doesn’t see that as a suicide machine and for the first time she seems to consider the idea of going through it. She also adds that Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×06 “Certified””

The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×05 “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World”

Opening Credits:

“I am the only hope, the last defense of a species on the verge of extinction. The warlocks warned us. These wise truth seers, they said that these creatures will come, seven years after the first were taken, seven years after the Departure… and we were blind, God, blind to what we did not want to see. We are now on the edge of the ravine, on the edge of destruction. Once this monster is born, we’re done, because this monster is the end of mankind, with its seven heads and seven flaming mouths. We have only one hope: the egg. I found its nest in the warlocks’ maps – a submarine volcano. Thank you, God, for technology! We made the weapon to end all weapons: the nuclear bomb. Now, this terrible force may be our salvation, if its explosion can break the fragile shell and melt the demons inside. God, may the missile fly straight and true! Let it find the volcano nest and may the egg be unhatched so these unborn beasts can be destroyed before they rise to destroy the world”

The opening credits for this episode are so different than usual. This time it’s not a song to welcome us to the first scene, but a prayer. The man who recites it speaks French and talks about some evil creatures that will come to Earth after seven years from the Sudden Departure and bring the world to an end. The man claims he’s the only hope for human kind and that he has to take advantage of the technology given by God (the nuclear bomb) to hit an egg, hidden in a underwater volcano, that contains unborn and evil beasts that could rise and destroy the world (interestingly, in the Bible a seven-headed beast born from the sea is also mentioned.) Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×05 “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World””

The Leftovers – My article on | The Hotel

Guys! I’m happy to announce that HBO published my article on! ♥ Click HERE to read it!

Balloons for Mary
During his stay, Kevin meets a man carrying balloons that read, “It’s a Boy!” He says they are for Mary Jamison, who is also, allegedly, a guest. Later, the man knocks on Mary’s hotel room door ready to hand off said balloons. This suggests that Mary, who has been in a coma since a car accident that occurred during the Departure, may be exploring this parallel dimension as well. Jump to Season 3’s “The Book of Kevin” where we meet Mary’s three-year-old son, Noah.

Kevin Garvey, Sr.
Though he may not physically be in the hotel, he could be the key to understanding this purgatory. We saw Kevin Garvey, Sr. communicate with Kevin through the television set — where they appear to be in the exact same room and, somehow connected. Still skeptical? The fire onscreen in Kevin Garvey, Sr.’s hotel room inexplicably triggers the fire alarm in Kevin’s room. In the trailer for Season 3, there’s another hotel room and fire alarm reference. This time it’s Nora, sitting on the bed, smoking, triggering a fire alarm and the sprinkler system around her.

David Burton
In Season 2’s “Off Ramp,” a background TV mentions that a man named David Burton was in a hotel then mysteriously awoke in a cave in Perth, Australia — and now claims he cannot die. Burton was noted in the Season 2 premiere, “Axis Mundi,”  when his name and address were written on an envelope from Pillar Man.

“I am not a doctor.”
After the hotel is evacuated, a Latina woman in the crowd declares she is “not a doctor,” despite being dressed as such. If you pay close attention, you might notice she’s with a woman dressed as a hotel concierge — a guide, if you will — like Virgil is to Kevin. Similar to how Kevin chose the assassin’s suit from his wardrobe, one might assume she “adorned accordingly.”

People in the Guilty Remnant do throw stones
If the hotel is another dimension, we can analyze why the Guilty Remnant (and Patti Levin, specifically) stoned Gladys to death in Season 1’s “Gladys.” It can be argued the cult did this, not only to force people to remember, but because they know mankind has the potential to live on elsewhere. A place where people share the beliefs of the GR — where the cult can organize and achieve the highest positions of power. (Ahem, Patti Levin for President).
Have thoughts or theories of your own about the notorious hotel? Share them in the comments below. 

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