The Leftovers – 03×01 Ending scene analysis

Hi guys! Rewatching the first episode of Season 3, I tried to find out more about the church in the final scene. Here’s what I found: the church is named after Saint Mary MacKillop. She is the first Australian Saint, also known as Mother Mary of the Cross. She was born in January 1842 (the opening scene with the Millerite movement took place in 1844). She obtained the title of Saint for curing a woman with leukemia.

“Mary MacKillop was an ordinary person who lived an extraordinary life, an unconventional life that saw her triumph over adversities and obstacles placed in her way. She truly was a woman who lived her life out of the ordinary.”

Her formal canonization took place in Rome, on October 17, 2010 (a year before the Sudden Departure). Here’s a picture of one of her churches I found on marymackillop.orgIt’s very similar to the church we see in episode one ending scene.

“Saint Mary MacKillop”

This is the final proof that the ending scene takes place in Australia. We don’t know exactly where, but according to this map the church should be somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney, maybe in a rural area far from the city.

Also, these are the messages that were brought by the doves:

We can clearly see that all these messages are about Love. We can read “be happy…”, “shut up and kiss me”, “spread the”, and a lot of “love”. The nun also says “Don’t usually get so many so close together… love is in the air”.

What if this are actually song titles? “Shut up and kiss me” “Love is in the air”… Also, in the following picture it really looks like the nun is watching doves fly and listening to music…

From Wikipedia: According to the biblical story (Genesis 8:11), a dove was released by Noah after the flood in order to find land; it came back carrying a freshly plucked olive leaf (Hebrew: עלה זית alay zayit),[Gen 8:11] a sign of life after the Flood and of God’s bringing Noah, his family and the animals to land. Rabbinic literature interpreted the olive leaf as “the young shoots of the Land of Israel”[2] or the dove’s preference for bitter food in God’s service, rather than sweet food in the service of men.[3][4][5]

The Leftovers THEORIES – Why is Australia so important?

The Leftovers changes location for the third time. Season one was set in Mapleton, New York, and season two in Jarden, Texas. The third and last season will take place where we left things, in Miracle, but our beloved characters will move again to Australia.

Why l’Australia?“. Even if I think there is a lot more to find out about Miracle’s mysteries, Australia seems to play a big role in the show.

  1. In episode one, Axis Mundi, Michael Murphy  brings lunch to the man on the pillar, who asks him to help him sending a letter to Sydney, Australia, for a guy named David Burton. (In episode three Laurie is watching television and we hear a journalist voice talking about someone called David Burton, who claims he woke up in a cave in Australia after his permanence in a hotel. He also claims he can’t die.)
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  2. In episode two Kevin receives an unexpected visit. His father has finally got out of the mental institution and he tells him he decided to move to Perth, Australia. And what’s the reason of this decision? He wants to go away because everytime he watched Mapleton he can only see what’s no longer there..  But let’s get to point three.

    Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.36.11.png
    “They told you to go to Australia?”
  3. In episode eight, International Assassin, Kevin Garvey is somehow able to talk to his father trough the hotel television, and we can clearly see that he and his father are in the exactly same room. What if the two rooms are connected with eachother? Geographically speaking, where is the hotel? We know for sure that at the end of the episode Kevin drives till Miracle, Texas.  Is this a completely different reality where distance is compressed or Perth and Jarden (or wherever the hotel is) are really connected? Episode one is called Axis Mundi. In certain beliefs, an axis mundi is a connection between heaven and earth, a geographic place that represents the connection between sky and earth.. That would explain a lot of things…
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    “Where are you?” “I’m in Perth”

    Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.39.27
    “Oh Jesus, we’re in the same room”

The web has a lot of theories about Australia.. Someone says that the cave we saw in episode one, where the cave woman dies leaving her son alone, is the Axis Mundi, the exact geographical spot where the connection between earth and the other world begins…

The Leftovers – Continuano le riprese in Australia


L’account Twitter di The Leftovers ci comunica che la ricerca del giusto set in Australia è appena cominciata! “La ricerca della giusta location inizia. Terza stagione di #TheLeftovers: destinazione Australia”.

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Ecco la foto della nostra Mimi Leder, produttrice e regista dello show, alla ricerca del luogo perfetto per iniziare le riprese. Che emozione!


The Leftovers – La terza serie sarà ambientata in Australia!

The Leftovers cambia location per la terza volta. La prima serie era ambientata a Mapleton, New York, e la seconda a Jarden, Texas. La terza e ultima serie riprenderà da dove eravamo rimasti, a Miracle, ma a quanto pare i personaggi si sposteranno ancora una volta per raggiungere l’Australia.

Perchè proprio l’Australia?” si chiederanno in molti. Dalla fine della seconda stagione sembrava che Miracle avesse ancora molti segreti da svelare al nostro Kevin. Eppure, come i più attenti di voi avranno sicuramente notato, nel corso della seconda stagione l’Australia viene nominata più volte.

  1. Nel primo episodio, Axis Mundi, Michael Murphy porta il pranzo all’uomo che vive sulla torre di Miracle, il quale gli chiede di spedire una lettera a Sidney, Australia, per un certo David Burton. (Nel terzo episodio, mentre Laurie guarda la televisione, si sente in sottofondo la voce del giornalista che parla di un certo David Burton, che dice di essersi risvegliato in una grotta in Australia, di essere stato in un hotel e di non riuscire a morire).Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.31.15
  2. Nel secondo episodio, Kevin riceve una visita inaspettata. Suo padre, finalmente uscito dal manicomio, gli rivela di aver scelto di trasferirsi a Perth, Australia. La motivazione? Perché ogni volta che guarda Mapleton riesce a vedere solo quello che non c’è più. Siamo sicuri che sia questo il vero motivo del suo trasferimento?Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.36.11.png
  3. Nell’ottavo episodio, International Assassin, Kevin Garvey riesce in qualche modo a mettersi in collegamento con suo padre tramite il televisore dell’hotel. Da quello che possiamo notare in questa scena, i due si trovano esattamente nella stessa stanza. Che la stanza dell’hotel a Perth dove si trova il padre di Kevin sia qualche modo collegata all’altro hotel? Dove si trova questo posto? Sappiamo con certezza che alla fine dell’episodio Kevin guida fino a Jarden, Texas. Che si tratti di una realtà dove le distanze non sono le stesse del mondo reale? O esiste davvero, come molte persone teorizzano, un collegamento tra l’Australia e Jarden?Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.38.55Schermata 2016-06-01 alle 14.39.27

In internet girano tante teorie sull’Australia. Alcuni dicono che la grotta che abbiamo visto nel primo episodio, dove la donna primitiva muore abbandonando suo figlio, funga da collegamento tra Miracle e Perth, o tra Miracle e ovunque si trovi il misterioso Hotel di International Assassin. Se avete altre teorie scrivetele nei commenti!

Quello che possiamo fare ora è aspettare con impazienza Ottobre e l’arrivo della tanto attesa terza (e ultima 🙁 ) serie.