The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×05 “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World”

Opening Credits:

“I am the only hope, the last defense of a species on the verge of extinction. The warlocks warned us. These wise truth seers, they said that these creatures will come, seven years after the first were taken, seven years after the Departure… and we were blind, God, blind to what we did not want to see. We are now on the edge of the ravine, on the edge of destruction. Once this monster is born, we’re done, because this monster is the end of mankind, with its seven heads and seven flaming mouths. We have only one hope: the egg. I found its nest in the warlocks’ maps – a submarine volcano. Thank you, God, for technology! We made the weapon to end all weapons: the nuclear bomb. Now, this terrible force may be our salvation, if its explosion can break the fragile shell and melt the demons inside. God, may the missile fly straight and true! Let it find the volcano nest and may the egg be unhatched so these unborn beasts can be destroyed before they rise to destroy the world”

The opening credits for this episode are so different than usual. This time it’s not a song to welcome us to the first scene, but a prayer. The man who recites it speaks French and talks about some evil creatures that will come to Earth after seven years from the Sudden Departure and bring the world to an end. The man claims he’s the only hope for human kind and that he has to take advantage of the technology given by God (the nuclear bomb) to hit an egg, hidden in a underwater volcano, that contains unborn and evil beasts that could rise and destroy the world (interestingly, in the Bible a seven-headed beast born from the sea is also mentioned.) Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×05 “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World””