Game Of Thrones – Check Out Sansa’s Letter to the Blackfish

Hi guys! The site Making Game Of Thrones just posted the original Sansa’s letter to the Blackfish! Check it out! Can’t wait for episode 9..!



FIRST POST – A second look on The Leftovers!

o-CATHEDRAL-facebook-2Hi everyone! I want to dedicate my first posts to my current favorite tv show. I’m talking about The Leftovers, written by Damon Lindelof, who also wrote and directed LOST with Cartlon Cuse, and based on the novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta.
In case you don’t know, here is a small recap of the plot: on October 14th, 140 million people simultaneously vanished, 2% of the world’s population is gone forever, and people just can’t understand why.

As we can assume from the title, The Leftovers, the show is not about people who disappeared, but about those who stayed, people who didn’t disappear, and how they deal with this ambiguous loss. Some of them witnessed the Sudden Departure (this is how the authors refer to what happened), others lost their kids, lovers, friends and saw them disappear just in front of their eyes.

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