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Balloons for Mary
During his stay, Kevin meets a man carrying balloons that read, “It’s a Boy!” He says they are for Mary Jamison, who is also, allegedly, a guest. Later, the man knocks on Mary’s hotel room door ready to hand off said balloons. This suggests that Mary, who has been in a coma since a car accident that occurred during the Departure, may be exploring this parallel dimension as well. Jump to Season 3’s “The Book of Kevin” where we meet Mary’s three-year-old son, Noah.

Kevin Garvey, Sr.
Though he may not physically be in the hotel, he could be the key to understanding this purgatory. We saw Kevin Garvey, Sr. communicate with Kevin through the television set — where they appear to be in the exact same room and, somehow connected. Still skeptical? The fire onscreen in Kevin Garvey, Sr.’s hotel room inexplicably triggers the fire alarm in Kevin’s room. In the trailer for Season 3, there’s another hotel room and fire alarm reference. This time it’s Nora, sitting on the bed, smoking, triggering a fire alarm and the sprinkler system around her.

David Burton
In Season 2’s “Off Ramp,” a background TV mentions that a man named David Burton was in a hotel then mysteriously awoke in a cave in Perth, Australia — and now claims he cannot die. Burton was noted in the Season 2 premiere, “Axis Mundi,”  when his name and address were written on an envelope from Pillar Man.

“I am not a doctor.”
After the hotel is evacuated, a Latina woman in the crowd declares she is “not a doctor,” despite being dressed as such. If you pay close attention, you might notice she’s with a woman dressed as a hotel concierge — a guide, if you will — like Virgil is to Kevin. Similar to how Kevin chose the assassin’s suit from his wardrobe, one might assume she “adorned accordingly.”

People in the Guilty Remnant do throw stones
If the hotel is another dimension, we can analyze why the Guilty Remnant (and Patti Levin, specifically) stoned Gladys to death in Season 1’s “Gladys.” It can be argued the cult did this, not only to force people to remember, but because they know mankind has the potential to live on elsewhere. A place where people share the beliefs of the GR — where the cult can organize and achieve the highest positions of power. (Ahem, Patti Levin for President).
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