Game Of Thrones SPOILER – Beautiful interview to Iwan Rehon (Ramsay)


Hi guys! The site Watching Game Of Thrones just posted this beautiful interview to Iwan Rheon, who plays Ramsay in the show! Enjoy it 🙂

The actor behind the Starks’ nemesis talks battles, hounds and holding Winterfell. (Spoilers follow.)

HBO: What did you think when you first read this season’s storyline for Ramsay?

Iwan Rheon: I thought it was a good arc. In terms of the progression of the general Game of Thrones story, I think it’s right that Jon Snow wins and Winterfell is finally back with the Starks. It’s a shame that I’m leaving, but it’s timed out really well.

HBO: What does Winterfell mean to Ramsay?

Iwan Rheon: It’s what he’s wanted all his life – to be recognized as a trueborn heir. He shares that with Jon Snow. He’s got meaning in this world; he’s not just some bastard anymore. That, and the empowerment that Winterfell gives him, it’s the status he’s craving.

HBO: Do you think Ramsay had an overall goal?

Iwan Rheon: He’s got a general plan, but it always changes. Even killing his dad came out of instinct. Obviously, he had to think about the idea that a male heir would be a problem, but he just reacts. He’s very in the moment. Holding Winterfell is kind of the pinnacle for him. I think realistically he’s reached as far as he can go: Warden of the North. He’s done quite all right though, a couple of seasons ago he was just in a dungeon with Reek. Continue reading “Game Of Thrones SPOILER – Beautiful interview to Iwan Rehon (Ramsay)”

Game Of Thrones SPOILER – Is Sansa pregnant?

Hi everyone! Am i the only one who found this last dialogue between Sansa and Ramsey a little suspicious? When i first heard the sentence “i’m part of you now” i couldn’t help to shiver and think that maybe this is not just a way of saying but something more. What if Sansa is pregnant with Ramsey‘s baby? We know for sure that the poor girl was a victim of sexual abuse, and i think the episode ended up pretty well compared to how we’re used to see things end. What if that was not a happy ending at all, altough the start of a new huge problem? What would be the consequences for poor Sansa if she’s really carrying Ramsey’s baby inside her?