The Leftovers – Season 3 little details

  • Kevin’s full name is Kevin Eugene Garvey, and he was born on February 8, 1971 (from s3 trailer)
Grace’s kids / people outside of the house
  • This people outside Grace’s house look exactly like her dead children…  They are also wearing the same clothes they’re wearing in the pictures… Why? It can’t be them. According to the dates on the certificates of adoption they should be younger than that. This people look like they’re 25, 30 years old…
    Also, Grace looks honest to me, I don’t think she lied about her children’s death… But why is this people identical to them? People is posting a lot of theories on the web about this, saying that K.G. Sr never stopped hearing voices and he’s the only one who can see these people, because they’re dead.

Anyway, there’s more than five people outside of her house, so who knows… It could be just a weird coincidence.

  • This paper was found by K.G. Sr in Grace’s photo album
  • Some pages from “The Book Of Kevin”
  • Oceanic Airline symbol from Lost in s03e03 ♥

The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×02 Don’t Be Ridiculous

Hi everyone! Here’s my review of episode two “Don’t Be Ridiculous” of The Leftovers. This week we’re dealing with a very beautiful and introspective episode. Let’s see what happened:

– Kevin: we don’t get to see a lot of Kevin in this episode, but it’s pretty clear to me that what he does with the plastic bag is a sort of “ritual” he does everytime he’s alone. It’s still unclear if he’s just trying to “feel” again (like s1 Nora, when she paid hookers to shoot her) or if he’s desperately trying to reach the other side again. This second option seems more plausible to me. He also seems a little less upset about “The Book Of Kevin” than before. This time I had the feeling he was almost afraid of losing the only existing copy.

– Matt: Mary has finally left and Matt found himself alone without his wife and his son. He seems to be completely lost. What was beautiful about Matt in the first two season was his strong faith: nothing could shake his beliefs, neither violence nor other people’s lack of faith. Now that Mary is gone he’s helping a woman persuading everyone on Jarden that the Man on the Pillar departed, after spending three years of his life claiming that Miracle is a special place, the only place on Earth where the Departure can’t happen. Maybe his wife crossed the bridge and didn’t fall back into a coma like he believed it would happen. Maybe that’s what shook his imperishable faith for the first time in his life: what he strongly believed it would happen didn’t, and now he’s all alone without his beloved wife and his son. Another significant detail is his nose bleeding at the very beginning of the episode. Is his cancer back?

THE MAN ON THE PILLAR: At the very beginning of the episode we witness the death of The Man On The Pillar. His wife is Sandy, the woman who gave Matt Continue reading “The Leftovers – REVIEW 03×02 Don’t Be Ridiculous”